Visiting the World’s Most Famous Infinity Pool and More in Singapore 


Singapore is the land of infinity pools and downtown views.

SingaporeLounging by my Airbnb’s Infinity Pool

I planned a brief 3-day trip to Singapore between travels because it is a great hub for cheap flights to anywhere in Asia. Even though the trip was short, I was still able to maximize my time in this awesome island city-state.

While I didn’t even try I somehow ended up at multiple infinity pools and skyline lookout points. It appears that these amenities are ubiquitous throughout the country.

SingaporeDowntown View of Singapore from my Balcony

I felt like I was living the high life, and I mean that quite literally. There are high rises everywhere and I was fortunate enough to visit a few, including one at the renowned Marina Bay Sands. I made so many amazing memories and below I’ll share with you a few of my favorites and recommended places to make any Singapore vacation unforgettable.

Visiting the Famous Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

It’s not hard to find friends in the city because it is so international. Luckily, I knew some people staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel who were able to show me the amenities, notably the famed infinity pool. Otherwise, the only way to access the pool is to book a room starting at around $400 per night.

SingaporeMe and a Friend at the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

The pool is insane, located 57-stories up on the roof and overlooks the entire city. It truly is breathtaking, although it can get a bit crowded because everyone wants to take the perfect Instagram photo.

SingaporeThe View from the Infinity Pool

I never expected to find myself at the top of this amazing infinity pool, but I’m so glad I did. The view is remarkable, but apparently one of the only times you’ll find it empty is when it opens at 6AM.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a waterfront nature park and another personal favorite of mine. The park has many different areas, including the OCBC Skyway, two connected lakes, and the epic Supertree Grove.

SingaporeThe Supertrees at Night

In the Supertree Grove, you will find tree replicas made from steel towering 25-50 meters into the Singapore skyline. I had never seen anything like this unique green space and it’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

One of the most praised features that distinguishes the Supertree Grove are the abundance of beautiful flowers growing on the trunks of the trees. The flowers are able to grow using sustainable energy and by absorbing naturally collected rainwater. The eco-friendly Supertrees also light up at night using solar energy stored during daytime.

At night there are two free light shows with music, one at 7:45PM, and again at 8:45PM. At this 15-minute show, the park blasts music while people gather to see the dancing lights on the Supertrees. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to attend, but a friend of mine gave me a full recap with videos and it looked awesome.

SingaporeThe OCBC Skyway

The Supertrees also have a walkway called the OCBC Skyway, that overlooks the city and acts as a bridge between the trees. It’s a great place to catch the sunset, but you have to pay to go up. Personally, I feel like there is no need to walk the bridge because you will probably find yourself at some high rise with a similar view.

Aside from the Supertrees, I visited the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes. Since I’m not a fan of large crowds, this area was perfect for me because it’s more secluded. I was able to watch the sunset in peace and quiet while getting a pretty good view of both the skyline and lake.

SingaporeWalking Along Dragonfly Lake

Additionally, there is a nice walkway that weaves around the lakes. It’s a great place for a stroll at any time of the day. However, it’s especially good for sunsets because there are rocking benches and resting spots conveniently placed along the pathway.

My Awesome Airbnb with Kittens, Epic Skyline Views, and an Infinity Pool

My Airbnb was actually what I was looking forward to most on my trip. I booked one private room that had advertised a great view of downtown, a sick infinity pool, and cute cats.

SingaporePetting the Kitten at my Airbnb

I was honestly more excited for the cats over everything else because I’m a crazy cat lady. This place actually exceeded my expectations because she had three adorable cats and multiple little kittens.

SingaporeThe Adorable Kitten

I had so much fun playing with these little fluff balls. Seriously, all of them were so fuzzy and sweet. To make it even better, after playing with the cats I was able to lounge by the neighborhood infinity pool.

SingaporeThe Infinity Pool at Night

Casual, right? It was really nice because no one was there and I could just sprawl out and relax. I stayed at the pool until after dark and it was one of the quietest places I went to in Singapore.

Singapore Overall

Between the skyline views, Gardens by the Bay, cute cats, and infinity pools, I can’t really choose a favorite memory.

SingaporePosing on the  Dragonfly Lake Walkway

I’m a nature lover so I don’t usually favor cityscapes, but, nevertheless, Singapore did a great job at making my trip super special. Overall, I’d say my time in Singapore was well spent.

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