Everything here is travel-tested and Doryn-approved.


World Nomads

Always, always, have travel insurance before you leave on a trip. World Nomads is a great way to make sure you are fully covered while you are abroad. This means if you get sick, have to cancel flights, or even get your stuff stolen you will be covered. My favorite part about World Nomads is that it is always affordable with prices that usually run below $100. World Nomads is the way to go.


TripAdvisor is a consistently good reference when planning my itinerary. I am a sole user of their 'Things to Do" section, which always pinpoints the coolest things to do on any adventure. With over 435 million traveler reviews, you can really get a sense of where you may, or may not want to go during your explorations. 

My Language Exchange

This is an excellent way to learn about your destination’s language and culture. My Language Exchange is a pen-paling service that connects people worldwide and helps users become more acquainted with foreign languages and cultures. This website helped me gain firsthand knowledge on the specifics of my destination while also creating great friendships that I pursued throughout my travels!



I like to use Skyscanner when I’m looking for a spontaneous trip and want to visit a surprise destination. With Skyscanner, you don’t need to put an end destination. Instead, there’s an ‘everywhere’ option to find the cheapest flights on any day to anywhere in the world. This is a great resource for anyone itching to get away.


I always use Orbitz as a reference to determine the cheapest flights for any destination. Orbitz is great at narrowing down the lowest roundtrip airfare out of many popular airlines worldwide. In my experience, the best time to look for cheap flights is either on a Tuesday morning, or from 3PM until 4PM.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is the best. With two free checked bags, anytime cancellations (that return to flight credit), and fare sales with prices as low as $49, this Texas-based airline is hard to beat. I almost always use Southwest to get anywhere domestically because it’s consistently a great experience with affordable rates.



This accommodation resource is my absolute favorite. Airbnb lets locals share or rent their homes to travelers at prices far below hotel rates. Airbnb helps you live like a local and is one of the best ways to feel at home no matter where you are in the world. Book through me and get $40+ off your first trip!


This has been one of my favorite hotel booking websites for years. While they do offer a regular booking system, Priceline’s specialty is the ‘Name Your Own Price’ feature. This allows travelers to bid on hotels, which can save up to 60%! I’ve scored 4.5 star hotels for as low as $45 using their awesome bidding system.


REI Co-op National Park Service Traverse 28 Pack

Perfect for anything from daily hikes to extended travels overseas, this backpack is my go to. It does a fantastic job of staying close to your body, which is extra important for people like me who suffer from back problems. The comfortably fits between 15 to 30 pounds and is made in both men and women’s.  

GoPole Reach 14-40" Extension Pole

The GoPole Reach is a necessity if you own a GoPro. The Reach extends from 14 to 40 inches and also has a clip for the GoPro Smart Remote. I use the GoPole Reach when I am looking to get wider angled shots from above or capture cool underwater shots.

Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless Digital Camera

The Sony Alpha A7II is without a doubt one of the best cameras on the market right now.  This full-frame camera is well equipped to take amazing photos due to its impressive 24.3 megapixels. I largely use the Sony Alpha A7II for landscape photography and am a huge fan of the camera’s operating system and comparatively lightweight nature. The camera is a bit expensive, but still half the price of the Sony Alpha A7rII. This camera is every photographer's dream and an investment you won't regret. 

GoPro HERO 5 Black

The Hero 5 is hands down the best GoPro on the market. Throw away your plastic underwater cases because the Hero 5 is entirely waterproof. Now you can appreciate the camera’s flawless 4k Ultra HD and liquid-smooth slow motion. I absolutely love the new model and highly recommend upgrading from the Hero 4.


Don't see your favorite travel must-haves?

I'm always happy to try new things. If there's something you can't travel without, I would definitely appreciate your suggestions! Also, if your company offers travel products or services, I would love to add you to my list! Contact me today if you would like to collaborate.