Exploring Like a Local in Keelung, Taiwan

Keelung in Taiwan

I traveled to Keelung, Taiwan looking for an abandoned ruin site, only to find out that it had been knocked down over a year ago.

Keelung in TaiwanThe Beautiful Keelung Coast

I wasn’t quite sure what my next move would be, but luckily I ran into a nice local man named Wang Chang who offered to show me around the town. Thanks to Wang, my experience around Keelung turned out to be everything I could ask for and more.

I ended up exploring the eastern suburb of Keelung called Badouzi (八斗子). There were so many amazing places in this little suburb and I happened to visit on the day of the cute local festival, Aquatopia.


Aquatopia is an annual festival where live music and cool local businesses come together to celebrate off the Keelung coast. The festival stretches for at least a mile and there are plenty of local food stands and trucks lining the street.

Keelung in TaiwanFood Trucks Lining the Street

When I first entered Aquatopia, Wang bought me a locally sourced jelly drink. He told me it was very special to Badouzi and homemade from seaweed in the ocean.

Wang Chang and the Seaweed Jelly Drink

I have no idea how they make it from seaweed because it didn’t taste like it was from the ocean. It was delicious and a must-try if you like bubble tea.

The next part of the festival was spent enjoying live music. The bands were awesome and played a lot of really nice indie music that was perfect to chill out to. The vibe was laid-back and many people were lounging in front of the stage enjoying a popsicle or cold drink.

Keelung in TaiwanThe View from Aquatopia and Jiufen in the Distance

The festival venue was super beautiful, located across the lake from Jiufen and next to Chaojing Park.

Chaojing Park

Chaojing Park neighbors Aquatopia and is hands down the most stunning recreational park I’ve ever been to. The park was incredibly beautiful and there were so few people around that I basically had the place to myself.

Keelung in TaiwanChaojing Park Trail

The trail in the park runs between towering green cliffs and the ocean. In the distance you can see mountains extending for miles and miles down the coast. Walking the trail was truly magical.

One hidden part off the pathway also had a really cool freestanding wooden structure that perfectly framed the ocean. I sat there for a while admiring the view and I obviously I had to snap a photo on it before leaving.

Keelung in TaiwanSitting on the Wooden Structure in the Park

Thinking back, it’s reminiscent of the Ubud jungle swing in Bali where everyone takes photos. I’m surprised this spot wasn’t well-known because it is an awesome place to take pictures.

After walking my dream park, Wang took me to catch the sunset at Hepingdao Park.

Hepingdao Park

Hepingdao Park had similar cool rock formations to the ones in the Yehliu Geopark. The only difference is that the area here is way less crowded than Yehliu.

The Yehliu Looking Rocks in Hepingdao Park

These awesome rock structures extend to the beautiful beach right next door. It’s only a 2-minute walk between the two places, so they are basically one and the same.

Keelung in TaiwanWatching the Sunset in the Park

The beach front has great views of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The sunset I saw at the beach was really nice, but I wasn’t alone. There were also tiny crabs and sea creatures crawling on the rocks watching the sunset with me.

Keelung in TaiwanNatural Pools by the Ocean

Another cool part about this beach is that they have naturally formed oceanfront pools to lounge in. The pools were pretty crowded when I visited, but on a week days I’m sure the area would be vacant.

Badouzi is Really Local

The suburb of Badouzi is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a more local experience. Keelung is home to a lot of great places, but so far I’ve enjoyed my time in Badouzi the most.

Keelung in TaiwanBreakdancing in Chaojing Park

If you are looking for a similar experience and need a driver for either Badouzi or Keelung, contact Wang Chang. His rates are $500 NTD per hour. His number is +886-0987146613 and e-mail is Ckwang421025@gmail.com.

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